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Residential new wood garage doors might be on the pricy side, but not many other materials can give the garage door the traditional and cozy feel like that of a wood garage door. It doesn’t matter whether the exterior of your house is contemporary or traditional, wood has the ability to easily adapt to its surroundings and look amazing while at it. Please contact Seattle Wood Garage Doors service and start your journey to the best garage door service ever!

Selecting the garage door for your home can be a tiring task it requires a lot of deliberation and brainstorming. You will not only need to keep the overall look of your house and preferences in mind but also your budget and the climatic conditions of the region. The wood you select, the glass inserts, insulation, panel style and other various factors will greatly impact on how the end product looks and how much it would eventually cost you. In this guide, As Seattle Wood Garage Doors professionals will discuss all you need to know to determine the right size, style and price for your new wood garage door. Seattle Wood Garage Doors

Seattle Wood Garage Doors – Types of Wood

Seattle Wood Garage Doors provide a high level of aesthetic appeal and coordinate with specific architectural styles including Shaker and Colonial. The doors are available in overhead style and carriage style to suit the characteristics of your house. The types of wood used in wooden garage doors vary in weight, thickness, quality and of course, pricing. Call Seattle Garage Door Repair service is a good idea!


A plywood garage door is the most inexpensive and basic type of wooden door. Some plywood garage doors come with an exterior hardwood skin for aesthetic purposes. Due to the thinness of plywood, it generally needs to be insulated with a thick layer of foam core.


Cedar is a great option for residential new wood garage doors as it has a natural resistance to rot, moisture, decay and insects. It usually comes in white and red color but it may be stained with a color of your choice. A cedar residential new wood garage door will need to be sealed every other year in order to maintain durability.


Redwood is more of a costlier option when it comes to garage doors. These are generally priced generously. These doors are built with layers of wood in order to reduce the risk of warping from water and heat. The wood needs to be either stained or painted.

Function Options for Residential new Seattle Wood Garage Doors

A host of options are available when it comes to functionalists of garage doors. You can add windows to let natural sunlight pour into the garage or make the area completely dark by paneling it with wood only. Some garage doors also come with snap-in decorative frames. Seattle Wood Garage Doors have such doors.

Garage Door Springs

Tilt-up doors in some cases utilize extension springs. These extension springs stretch and recoil at the sides of the door. Other popular options are the torsion springs. These are a more viable option for sectional doors as they have a shaft spring and drum assembly across the top of the door. These springs distribute the door’s weight evenly. The extensions springs also need to be protected using an extension-spring containment kit in case a spring snaps; this will help protect you from any potential danger.

Garage Door Openers for Residential New Wood Garage Doors

Automatic operators are one of the most appealing and preferred garage door options. Current garage door operators mostly have a rugged motor that comes with a life-time warranty, along with several other enticing features including:

  • Miniature transmitters that can easily be fit on a keychain.
  • Photoelectric safety devices that will stop the closing door if an invisible light beam is broken.
  • Transmitters that only operate with secret codes that you can program yourself, for added security.
  • Multi-functions to operate lights and other appliances in the garage or the patio.

Manual vs. Automatic Garage Doors

Manual doors are quite rare these days, but they still exist. There are certain pros and cons to manual as well as automatic garage doors. Seattle Wood Garage Doors have discussed the as follows:


The only major difficulty with automatic residential new wood garage doors is the installation. However, this installation is a onetime hassle. If you are getting it done by professionals, then you might incur some extra cost, but other than that, you can expect a smooth sailing for years. You can also opt for a manual door and then covert it to automatic later on, depending on your own convenience and preference.


The proper maintenance of an automatic door is essential as it keeps the doors operating precisely and in a safe manner. Balancing and springs are two particularly integral factors in this regard. A poorly balanced automatic door might fail to stop and possibly reverse if it contacts another object. This means any individual or thing that falls in its path could be hurt.


Consider an example of an individual who wants to buy a garage door in Seattle, WA. The main selling point this resident of Seattle, Washington is likely to find in their purchase is the fact that automatic garage doors are operated by remote control. When you get home and you don’t even need to open the garage door in order to park your car because you have a remote control to do so is a great plus point that makes the entire commute a bit more pleasant.


The best part of garage doors is their aesthetics. These doors don’t need to look any different from their counterparts, i.e. manual garage doors. This is essentially because there’s absolutely no reason for them to look. When it comes to the outlook of automatic garage doors, you can have them look anyway you wish to.

D&L Garage Door is an established name in the garage door industry. Seattle Wood Garage Doors have serviced the area of Seattle Washington for a considerable amount of years now and are well known throughout the area. Therefore, if you need to have high quality garage doors installed, there’s no one better than us for the job!

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