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The garage door is a part of your house’s exterior. It plays a pretty pivotal role in determining the overall look and feel of the house. But there are plenty of other things that need to be assessed and determined other than the aesthetic appeal. Durability, sustainability, practicality and geographical location all need to be paid attention to. The garage is not just some place where you park your car or dump your trash in, it is one of the key components that significantly influence the value of your property. Trust to Seattle New Garage Doors and let the Seattle Garage Door Repair professionals do their job.

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Needless to say, selecting the right garage door is not an easy task. You need to evaluate a lot of things and make a number of decisions before you can even start discussing paint colors. This report is all you need to find out the most suitable garage door options for yourself. Seattle New Garage Doors

Seattle New Garage Doors Service With The Right Material

The first step is to find the right material. When researching your options, you would want to assess the cost, maintenance, durability and design. For instance, while wood doors can take much more wear, tear and abuse than steel ones, but they might not be a viable option if you live in areas with a lot of rainfall. Hence, while a new garage door in Seattle, Washington made of wood can easily withstand the weather, it might not be the case in regions with heavy rainfall all through the year. Call Seattle New Garage Doors store now.


Optional material

Wood doors can also be quite expensive. As far as aesthetics are concerned then contemporary homes give you a lot of room to be experimental. The material of the garage also needs to be in sync with the exteriors of the house. The idea should be to let the new garage door blend in with the exteriors. Following are the material options available and their pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision:


  • Aluminum comes in various styles, designs and stock colors.
  • They require very little or almost no maintenance.
  • On the downside, they are relatively less durable than steel as they dent easily.
  • It is an ideal option for humid or salty regions as it is rustproof.
  • Operating mechanism is less taxing than other new garage door options in Seattle, Washington as it is light weight.
  • It is not just easier to operate manually but also puts less pressure on door openers and tracks


  • Steel can rust easily if dented or scratched
  • It is sturdier than aluminum
  • It comes in a wide variety of finishes, stock colors and styles and so would blend in with most exteriors


  • Wood is the ultimate traditionalists choice. It also comes in a range of options for color, texture and design.
  • Wood requires regular maintenance including staining and painting.
  • It can be quite pricy; although you can opt for overlays or veneers for a relatively cost-effective option to get the wood finish.

PVC / Fiberglass

  • It is much more durable than metal and wood.
  • It can crack if comes in contact with a very hard blow.
  • It comes in a wide variety of designs and styles.
  • It costs somewhere between metal and solid wood.
  • Not as many options as metal or wood available as it is still generally new to the market

The Right Style for Your House

When looking for a new garage door in Seattle, Washington, make sure you select something that will complement your architecture. You may want a door that easily blends in if you have a traditional house whereas you may want it to stand out on its own for a more contemporary house. Perhaps incorporate glass or go for aluminum for a more unique and extinguished look. Following are general guidelines on garage door styles that will help you determine what best goes with the architecture and style of our house: Victorian/Colonial/Gregorian

  • Paneled wood
  • Decorative hardware, like hinges or handles made of iron
  • Divided-light windows, opt for something that coordinates with the windows of your house
  • Stable or coach house look


  • Divided-light windows or arch-top windows that complement the windows of your house. Keep it simple with clean lines
  • Raised sections or panels


  • The thing about contemporary houses is that it gives you all the space you require to experiment
  • You have all the freedom you need to select materials and detailing
  • You can opt for pebbled or frosted glass, stained wood, V-ribbed or horizontal banding or even stained wood.

Color and Finishing

Once you are done with the most important decisions, you can then start playing with your selection. Not to say color and finishing are not important, in fact they are essential to give your new garage door the look you had in mind all along. But this is the point where you can experiment the most. There are some things you will need to keep in mind though, which are as follows:

Selecting the Right Color

  • The color should complement the overall structure and look of your house rather than stand out on its own. Avoid any extreme contrasts or vivid colors.
  • Opt for a tan or beige color if you are trying to match with red brick. White looks too obvious and can take away from the overall look of your exteriors.
  • Design Seattle New Garage Doors experts recommend matching the new garage doors in Texas, Washington with the windows of the house instead of with the front door. The former blends in much more nicely.

Finishing Details

The finishing details are what will make your garage door unique and full of character. The design choices are unlimited when it comes to finishing. Following are a few of the more popular hardware and design accents available in the market:

  • Paneling: Rectangular sections or multiple squares for a more colonial look.
  • Decorative Strapping: You can opt for an X or Z shaped strapping in the same or contrasting color to add a more barn-like look to the garage.
  • Decorative Hardware: Adding handles or hinges would give your new garage door a more distinguished look. You can opt for a forged-iron look to make it look like a stable door or a coach house.
  • Windows: Windows are also quite popular. You can opt for styles like divided lights, arch tops, etched glass, large panels, sandblasted styles or even textured windows.

As you would have noticed, the choices are endless. And selecting the right ones is pretty much a war between practicality and personal preferences. This breakdown of choices will help you make the most viable decisions for your dwelling. Please call at Seattle New Garage Doors service now! All the best!

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